Feb. 11th, 2009

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Hello, all and sundry. I've spent the last week working on a survey on geek culture, for the purpose of introducing geekdom as a subculture to a masters class on intercultural communication.

If you feel so inclined, please click the link below to answer the survey. Feel free to pass this link on to anyone whom you think might be willing to answer it; the survey is public, but only I have access to your responses. I'll leave this up until the end of February, then decide, based on how much data I've collected, whether to extend it or close it down and start collating

Click here to view survey.

Note: Please do not go back and edit your answers; the Google forms app doesn't allow for that, nor does it prevent multiple responses from the same IP address, so if you try to return to the form, it will interpret that as a new set of answers. If you absolutely HAVE TO change something, please contact me to have your answers deleted (but this makes a mess in the response summary, so I'd prefer not to).

Thanks in advance! Here's to intercultural communication!

(This is cross-posted in numerous places; apologies if you see it more than once.)


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