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i just got done reading captains fury, and it was every bit as good as i hoped it would be.  im really looking forward to the next and final book. i  want to know what you guys are looking forward to and hoping for in the next book. do you want to see somebody get with somebody, or something happen to someone, whatever it is, post it. 

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 I posted on the book here if anyone is interested(spoilery, of course)
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The book is officially on shelves (yesterday). I've picked up my copy and I hope to be done with it before the weekend. Feel free to start talking about it, but please keep it behind a cut. Or in the comments to this post.

Happy reading, and hopefully I'll get the new banner up this weekend also.
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Cover art has been released, but we don't have a Hi-Res version of it as of yet. You can see it on the Captain's Fury page on Jim's site.

Also, for those of you who enjoy spoilers and such, Fred has started posting sample chapters on the site. Prologue through chapter 4 will be posted throughout October. One chapter each Wednesday. As of today, we have the Prologue.

This will be an interesting read. There's already so much going on in just the Prologue.

When we finally get a Hi-Res version of the cover, I'll do some tinkering and make a bunch of graphics. Count on a new banner/layout for this comm, a banner, and an icon. Depending on how much I fell like messing around with things, there may be more.
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Many people have been able to get Cursor's Fury early (myself included). Feel free to discuss the book, as long as you keep it behind a cut.

I've revamped and updated the user info, including adding more to the interests. Look for a new layout coming soon.

Jim's site has released the title for Book 4! CAPTAIN'S FURY

If anyone has suggestions on how to get discussions going here, please, feel free to let me know. I'd like to have other people posting other than me.
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