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First Lord's Fury (book 6) is out in hardback today, and Princep's Fury (book 5) is out in paperback - from [livejournal.com profile] arcaedia's announcement. =)
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I just stayed up WAY past my bedtime (considering I have to work tomorrow), to finish the book.

My reaction: Holy crap!

I have more to say, but all of it's spoilery, and as I mentioned, I should be sleeping.

Quick statement before I forget. HUGE SPOILERS!!! )
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2 weeks until book 5 is released. For the first time since book 1, I've stayed completely spoiler free. Which is completely abnormal for me. :) I've not visited the forum, nor read the sample chapters.

I hope Princeps Fury sparks some good conversation with us here, as I know it's been fairly lacking.
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The announcement: "Starting Tuesday September 23rd and throughout the next several weeks, we'll be posting preview chapters of Princeps' Fury, with at least one new chapter every Tuesday for much of September and October (running from the Prologue to Chapter Five)."

The location: Find them here.
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Since I don't want to hotlink and chew up Jim's bandwidth, here's the URL: http://www.jim-butcher.com/pics/princeps400.jpg

Hopefully a HiRes version will follow, along with a wallpaper from [livejournal.com profile] priscellie

I will attempt to make the PF icon with this version, but it may have to wait for the HiRes. I'll make a post here when it's finished.
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We now know the title and tentative release date for Book 5. My information comes from Amazon.com, as I'm no longer active over on the Jim Butcher forums.

Princep's Fury
December 2, 2008
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