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Hi all,

     I'm working on the discovery phases of a new MUSH based on the Codex Alera world!  Code isn't a problem, server space isn't a problem, building isn't a problem and theme isn't a problem. What I'm posting about is specifically:

     Would you play on a Codex Alera MUSH?

     If there's no player interest, then it's probably not worth it! If you're interested, please send me an email at aleramu@gmail.com -- it doesn't have to say much, just "I'm interested". If you want to do more than just play (i.e. be part of the initial theme development or whatever), please let me know that as well.

     As the books are still being published and the theme is still being formed, we're planning on doing the theme fairly early in the scheme of things (before the books & before most of the people in the books). This will also give us some additional flexibility that doesn't otherwise exist.

    In any case, please send me an email so I can figure out whether there's enough initial interest to make a new Alera game worthwhile!

    For those of you that don't know what a MUSH Is:    In summary, it's a text based roleplaying game where you enact out the lives and intractions of your characters within a defined game world.

 - Alera MU
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Hi there! I haven't posted here yet, so I'd thought I'd add an intro to this post. I've been a big Jim Butcher fan for a while. Once I finally picked up Furies of Calderon I was hooked on the series, just like The Dresden Files. There are so many good things I could say, but I'll keep this breif.
Last night I spent a few hours creating a bunch of icons including these two:

I'm thinking of making each frame it's own icon. Too much? Either way, I think they're awesome.


Jan. 10th, 2008 11:44 pm
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Hey, while I'm not exactly new, I've decided to make a post because I'm just twitching to discuss the series here.  Frankly, I'm a little daunted by the official forum, haha.

Not much of a first post...

I just want to have some fun the these 10 questions.

Intro Post

Jul. 30th, 2005 12:02 am
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Hello and welcome to the first (as far as I know) Codex Alera community on Livejournal.

Feel free to discuss the books, the plot, the characters, couples, etc. I welcome icons, wallpapers and other graphics as long as they're related to the books or Jim Butcher. If you want to say something about the Dresden Files, also by Jim Butcher, that's fine. I just ask that you toss it behind a cut since it's not really Codex Alera related.

Have fun and enjoy yourselves.

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