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Just in time for the release of First Lord's Fury featuring some of the map art from [livejournal.com profile] priscellie's amazing map. Includes art by UK cover artist Lee Gibbons.

I didn't want to use Flexible Squares, but my sources for free layouts were not cooperating by giving me something simple yet nice to use with the banner. I may change the layout itself if I come across one, but the colours and the banner aren't going anywhere.
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Amazon.com has released cover art for the final book! Click here to see it! Once I get my hands on a higher quality version, I will edit the banner for the comm, and make an icon or two.

My comment on the cover: Tavi's looking very mid-30s or older for someone who wouldn't even be legal to drink in the States. I noticed this with the last cover, but even more so now. Positively middle-aged.

Go forth and squee over the pretty picture. Oh, and jot down November 24th on your calendars as the day you will descend on your local book seller to procure your copy.

I've gone through and reconfigured our tagging system. I'm hoping it's more user friendly and easier to use. Both as a search tool and to add to your posts.

Please use the tags provided on all your posts. Thanks.
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The title for book six was posted on Jim's site today, and as many of us have guessed, or speculated, the title is:

First Lord's Fury

It is due out December 2009. I updated the user info, and I'm off to add it to the interest list.

New layout

Dec. 8th, 2008 05:28 pm
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Ok, the new layout is up. I'm 85% pleased with how the banner turned out, and 40% pleased with the layout itself, so I may go hunting for a layout that I can plop the banner on that will hopefully look better than this one. :)

But for now, it's up, and I believe the links and such are much easier to read than they were with the last layout. Mucho thanks to [livejournal.com profile] spark_force and [livejournal.com profile] priscellie for getting me the cover art as quickly as you did.

ETA - I also updated the interest list. I'll be adding more, but it requires a re-read, and my copy of FoC is currently elsewhere. I should be getting it back soon.


Dec. 6th, 2007 06:02 pm
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The new banner is up, though I'm not sure I really like it. I also re-did the community info and updated the interests a bit.

Hope everyone likes it.
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In light of the new information on Book 3's title, I've changed the main graphic for the community. I personally like it better than the first one. I've also changed the colour scheme. It's fairly universal to whatever header graphic I end up using here. I thought the previous colour scheme, though it matched the graphic, was a bit distracting.

Also, I've updated the community rules, to include spoilers must be behind a cut. This includes anything on Academ's Fury as not all members have had the chance to read it yet.

I am thinking of a "10 question introduction" thing for the community. But never realized how hard it is to come up with questions that are related to the fandom, yet not really spoilerish. So expect those up soon.
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