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Don't know why I thought I should wait to make this post. *headdesk*

To make them easy to go through, lets steal the format from IMDBs memorable quotes pages.

[page #]


Quote the entire section of text (much more typing, but at times makes more sense).

Page number would be nice, but I know sometimes the books are not readily at hand to reference.

Where do I find...

Date: 2009-12-10 10:27 pm (UTC)
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Sorry to put this here.. haven't used livejournal in a LONG time... anyone got a family tree for the codex? I'm having a bit of trouble remembering who is related to whom, especially when the first names come up.

Re: Where do I find...

Date: 2010-01-05 02:04 pm (UTC)
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I whipped up some diagrams - not sure how accurate they are! http://community.livejournal.com/codex_alera/22131.html

Date: 2010-01-05 12:00 pm (UTC)
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Anything said between Raucus and Phrygius ;) I think we missed one:
RAUCUS: Well. There it is.
PHRYGIUS: Brilliant last words. We'll put them on your memorium. Right next to, 'He died stating the obvious.'

KITAI: Did you kill her yet?
TAVI: Not quite...
KITAI: This is how you show me you want to be your mate?
TAVI: It's a big decision! You can't expect me to make it in an hour!

FIDELIAS: I thought you said clouds of acid were for amateurs.
MAROK: That was not a cloud. It was a wall. Whining demon. You are welcome.

I love the humour in this series =D

Date: 2010-06-09 02:09 am (UTC)
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Some of these are repeats from above, but I copied out the full text. Apologies....
INVIDIA: And to think, I’ve spent the last half an hour scouring this entire plaza looking for the singulars I was sure Attis had hidden. Quite unlike him to use nonexistence as a camouflage, though I suppose it did make them impossible to find. Hello, Countess. (188)

A Marat with furycraft in the same general vicinity as the Princeps of the Realm. A Princeps who had never demonstrated his skills beyond the most basic, rudimentary uses of the craft—except when he had apparently executed furycraftings so large that they could hardly be recognized as such. Fidelias himself, a proven and confessed traitor to the Crown, an assassin for the Princeps’ enemies, riding openly at the Princep’s left hand, under an assumed face and a sentence of death, willingly staying where he was. Meanwhile, in the host behind them, following the Princeps’ banner were thousands of the finest troops of Alera’s oldest enemies—never mind another enemy, Ambassador Kitai, who quite clearly shared a great deal more than affection with Octavian. And all of them were about to assault an Aleran city overrun by a foe no one had even heard of ten years ago.
The world had become a very strange place.
Fidelias smiled to himself.
Strange, yes. But for some reason, he no longer felt like a man too old to face it. (259)

Invidia had been burned. Horribly. Though portions of her face and neck showed the fresh pink skin indicative of flesh that had been watercrafted whole, they only served to create a contrast against the thick scarring of flesh burned beyond the ability of any healer to make whole. Invidia had been considered one of the great beauties of Alera. One could still see the faint echoes of that beauty, but they only made the melted-wax scarring of her features that much more horrible. One of her eyes drooped at the outer corner, as if the flesh had melted and run down a bit before hardening again. Her lips were twisted into a permanent sneer. Her hair was all but gone, replaced by burn-scarred skin and close-shaved stubble. The creature on her chest showed similar scars, but it still pulsated and stirred from time to time.
“Good evening, Isana,” Invidia said. The words were slurred very slightly, as if she’d had a little too much wine. “Always a pleasure to see you.”
“Great furies,” Isana breathed. “Invidia….What happened?”
The former High Lady’s eyes flickered with something satisfied and ugly. “A divorce.”

“I owe you my life, Countess,” Aria said, simply. “It has been my honor to have known you.”
Tears stund Amara’s eyes. She tried to smile at the High Lady, stepped closer, and embraced her. “Thank you, I feel the same way.”
Lord Placida had approached as they spoke, and he smiled briefly as they both turned to him. “In point of fact, dear, all of us owe her our lives.”
Aria arched an imperious eyebrow. “You are not going to huge the pretty little Parcian girl, you goat.”
Placida nodded gravely. “Foiled again.” (282)
“Signal arrow!”
Amara turned to see a tiny, blazing sphere of light reaching the top of its arc and beginning to fall. Thousands of eyes turned to follow the firecrafting on the arrow, blazing so bright that it could be seen clearly even under the morning sun. No one spoke, but sudden tension and controlled fear lanced up and down the length of the wall like a lightning bolt.
“Well,” Antillus Raucus said. “There it is.”
“Brilliant last words,” Phrygius said beside him. “We’ll put them on your memorium. Right next to, ‘He died stating the obvious.’”
“Ah,” Lord Placida said. “It begins.”
“See?” Phrygius said. “Sandos knows how to go out with style.”
“You want to go out with style, “I’ll strangle you with your best silk tunic,” growled Antillus.(283)
Amara smiled at him. “I still think of it as Bernardholt.”
Her husband shook her head. “I wasn’t ever really comfortable with that name. Me-holt. Sounded ridiculous.”(306) + “Bernardholt-Isanaholt-Fredericholt”

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TAVI: Crassus, Report.
CRASSUS: I hurt. End of report.
GIRALDI: Sir? I’d like a bigger wall now. (356)

Araris, though, was scowling and eyeing Fidelias as though he expected him to Do Something About That Woman. (424)

ALDRICK: Sanity. Huh. (425)

KITAI: Quick. What is the absolute worst place in this Valley one could go? The most insanely suicidal place to be found? The place where only a great fool would venture—and only an insane fool would follow?
KITAI: He is there.
TAVI: How are the plan for the new program coming along?
FIDELIAS: Covert plans for the covert training of covert operatives? If I told you, I’d have to kill you, sire.
“ Remind me of the ceremony?”
“ We’ll go down the aisle to podium and table. We’ll stop in front of Varg, who will do the reading. Maximus will vouch for my identity and your father for yours. Then we’ll each sign the marriage contract.”
“ Then what?”
“ What do you mean? And then we’re married.”
She stopped in her tracks and looked up at him. “You…are quite serious, aren’t you?”
Tavi blinked and tried not to sound as baffled as he felt. “That’s…the wedding ceremony. I mean….granted there’s no swordplay or arson or rock climbing, but what were you expecting?”
Kitai exhaled patiently, composed herself, and began walking again.
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